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Did you know that optimizing your page speed improves your Shopify sales?

Do You Know How Long Your Shopify Store Takes To Load?

Well, you should. According to research1, 47% of shoppers expect pages to load in under two seconds or less.

Making sure your page speed is optimized is one of the best things you can do for your ecommerce business.

It can greatly reduce your bounce rate – those customers who land on your site, and then quickly go elsewhere.

Page speed optimization is overlooked by many Shopify owners, which means you can get the edge with your business.

Did you know that the average time to fully load a site on mobile is 15.3 seconds? All of those little images, buttons and code can mean that valuable time is wasted as shoppers eagerly await to see what you have on offer.
By improving your site’s load time, an ecommerce business can boost their ROI.

Think about this: if a Shopify site makes K per day, a one second improvement generates an additional 00 monthly.

That’s too large to ignore, even for smaller stores.

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    Are Slow Loading Speeds Costing You Sales?

    The stakes are high. According to Think With Google, a one second delay can reduce mobile conversions by up to 20%2. That’s a lot of lost sales.

    It’s not just mobile page speed that needs to be optimized, it’s your desktop too.

    If your bounce rate is high, your page speed could be the issue. Slow sites produce slow landing pages, which lower your Google Quality Score. A lower Google Quality score means a higher cost-per-click.

    Sure, you may have checked your store’s page with Page Speed Insights, but Google doesn’t give you the full list of everything you can do to make your site super-speedy.

    Make Your Page Lightning Fast With Our Speed Optimization Service

    Here at Webso Media, we solve all of your page speed issues, and get you the fastest Shopify store possible.

    We achieve this in three easy steps:

    1. First, we do an expert analysis of your site, looking at important factors such as your images and how they are loaded, how your Shopify store is built, the coding and more. Nothing will go overlooked.
    2. Next, we give you a FREE in-depth report, offering you suggestions on how to resolve these issues and optimize your page speed.
    3. We then get to work on fixing these issues, and we guarantee this will happen without any disruption to your website or your visitors.

    Here at Webso Media, we promise:

    • We will cover all significant optimizations for your entire Shopify site, guaranteeing that it will perform at the maximum speed possible once completed.
    • Your Shopify store will go untouched in terms of the design, look and functionality – it’ll still look exactly the same to both you and your customers.
    • There will be ZERO downtime, which means no-one will even notice we are working on your site.
    • You don’t have to lift a finger – all you have to do is give us access to your website for a period of time, we work on it without your assistance.

    " We have done business with Webso Media to optimize the speed of our website which had some code problems and was slow. For me, the speed of a site is very important, both as a consumer and as an entrepreneur. It only takes half a second to lose a client ... I'm happy to see that now at some levels our site is 3x faster than before !! - Thank you again Robert and looking forward to doing business with you again! "

    - Louise R., Owner at

    Create A Great Shopify Experience For Your Customer

    At the end of the day, improving your page speed is about creating a better shopping experience for your customer.

    Your customers want to find what they need from you, and quickly.

    They shouldn’t be waiting for what feels like an eternity for pages to load.

    For example, we know that complex pages affect conversion rates. If you have lots of different page elements, for example, that can create a slow landing page.

    What’s more, if you have a number of high resolution images or videos, the time it takes to download them from your server and show them on your Shopify store can mean customers go elsewhere.

    Improving your page speed can also improve the customer journey – they can buy what they need quickly, with no dropout from a slow-loading page.

    Once your page is optimized, it can improve your Google Ranking and SEO. Google ranks sites that perform better and have a lower bounce rate as being of more value to the end user.

    As an ecommerce business, you can’t afford to lose sales. Investing in your page speed will not only please your customer, it will also guarantee a great return on investment.

    Ready to speed up your site?

    Get your FREE page speed report today, with 10 tips on how you can improve your website speed:

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